There are certain times on life where we feel lost and need help getting through them. You are a powerful spiritual being, and have the ability to get through whatever circumstances life gives you and heal yourself of almost any trauma you’ve experienced- with the proper guidance and support. Your spirit guides are beside you, helping you along the way and trying to lead you down the right path. If you’re having trouble communicating with them, I ‘m here to facilitate that process. Through my card reading, I receive the messages from your guides and relay them to you. I can see a path to healing and will give you what you need to pursue it. The rest is up to you! I know how powerful you are, and I’ll illuminate your strength and provide the tools and support you need to get through this process. 


This purchase is for a 1 hr video conference reading + consultation. Any additional guidance and tools are billed via personalized invoice and will be initiated upon completion of payment. 


This package includes an in-depth tarot reading done over a video call allowing us to explore your questions and get guidance for spirit. This is done with multiple decks so we can gain many layers of insight. You’ll get feedback in real time so we can easily expand on any information we receive. 


Based on your reading, we’ll create a plan for your progress. This can include custom rituals and tools, additional readings, journaling pages and exercises to help you explore and process your areas of focus. You’ll receive a detailed invoice for these additional services based on your specific needs and budget. 


When you order this package you will inform me of your best times to schedule our video call. I will contact you via email within 24hrs to set our meeting time and discuss the best method of contact, whether thats Facebook video call, Facetime, skype or zoom video conferencing. In addition to these necessary details, I'll ask more about you and why you're getting this reading done. With these items sorted out, we'll schedule our video call and I'll contact you at our determined time. 


It is up to you to answer the call as we have scheduled, or contact me at least 24hrs prior to our scheduled time to cancel or reschedule. If you need to cancel, I'll refund 75% of your cost, keeping a $25 cancellation fee. If you fail to make our scheduled meeting and do not contact me to reschedule or cancel with at least 24hrs notice, you will forfiet the cost of this package, as no refunds will be offered for no-call no-show appointments. With this purchase, you are agreeing to these terms.

Tarot Coaching Package

  • The oracle readings I provide do not predict the future- your path is always in your hands. Do not make descisions based solely on the results of your reading, and always consult professional medical help when necessary. Legally, I must say these readings are for entertainment purposes only. Ritual Elements and Nique Richards do not accept any responsibility for the customer's actions as a result of this reading. By making this purchase, the customer acknowledges this and waives all rights of legal responsibility of Ritual Elements and Nique Richards. 

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