The perfect gift set if you're new to using loose incense! With this kit, you'll receive a lotus charcoal incense burner, small bag of black glass gravel, one roll of 10 charcoal discs, and 4- 10ml vials of Ritual Elements Loose Incense blends. Please leave a note at check out to let me know which incenses you'd like included in your kit. You have the option of adding the floral gift box featured in picture or your kit will be sent in a plain kraft box. 


The Incense Burner is about 3 inches wise, 3 inches tall, and you'll receive 50g of black glass gravel to insulate your burner from the heat of the coal. Simply put the gravel in the vessel of your burner, light your charcoal disc and set it on top! Once your charcoal has burned out, you can stir the ash into the gravel to disperse it and use it again. When your incense burner is too filled with ash, dump your gravel into a strainer and rinse it under running water to clean it. Let it air dry and put it back in your incense burner for unlimited uses!


Cleansing Incense Powder
Clears negativity from you and your space. Utilizes herbs and resins that neutralize negativity and help remove toxins from the air. Burn to create a neutral energy prior to your magical workings, or anytime it feels necessary. Smells herbal and refreshing.


Magician Incense Powder
For inspiration, creativity, to increase focus and concentration, and for mental clarity. Utilizes herbs and resins that have an air energy and tunes into the vibration of Mercury. Burn to stimulate creative and intellectual matters and to add vision to your magical workings. Smells earthy and herbal.

High Priestess Incense Powder
Can help connecting to you intuition, divination, and enhancing psychic powers. Utilizes herbs and resins that have water energy and tunes into the vibration of the Moon. Burn to promote psychic vision, tuning into the subconscious, and opening the crown and third eye chakras. Smells spicy with an earthy sweetness.

Empress Incense Powder
Can help in connecting to the feminine, support fertility goals. Utilizes herbs and resins that are balanced in water, earth, and fire and tune into the vibration of Venus. Burn to promote comfort and peace, a sense of beauty, sensuality and support from the divine feminine. Smells of vanilla sweetness with a hint of floral.


Emperor Incense Powder
Could help in attracting money and luck, encouraging action and confidence, and increasing determination. Utilizes herbs and resins that have a fire energy and tunes into the vibration of Mars. Burn to promote success in business and gambling and to add some gusto to your magical workings. Smells warm, sweet and spicy. 


Protection Incense Powder
Can help ward  bad spirits and curses. Utilizes herbs and resins that banish and block negativity, and prevent it from entering your space. Burn to prevent evil from interfering with your magical workings, or anytime it feels necessary. Smells spicy and herbal.


Venus Incense Powder
Connects to the planetary energy of Venus. Utilizes herbs and resins that exclusively attune to Venus, and was crafted during the planetary day and hour of Venus. Burn to attract what you want, for love, money or to lighten a heavy aggressive energy. Smells floral with a rich sweetness.


Peace Incense Powder
Draws peace, relaxation, purification, and raises the vibrations of a space and induces restful sleep. Utilizes herbs and resins that have are balanced in elemental and planetary energies. Burn during meditation, for a home blessing, to reduce anxiety and stress, for inner peace and before bed.


Health Incense Powder
Used for healing, health, longevity, and physical well-being rituals. Utilizes herbs and resins that help protect and heal the user. Burn to whenever you want the Divine to help you get healthy and strong. Smells herbal and spicy.


Earth Goddess Incense Powder
Perfect for staying anchored in the physical plane while connecting to the spirit realms. Bark and resins from powerfully spiritual trees are blended into this incense, adding that solid connection to Earth to it's energy. Mugwort is an Earth element herb, and induces a state conducive to spiritual exploration and guidance. Burn during meditation, to cleanse and protect you and your space. Smells woodsy and slightly sweet.


Sensuality Incense Powder
Enhances mind + body connection, tantric and tantra, orgasmic / orgasm manifesting. Perfect if you're looking to increase spiritual connection during sex- but works great to create a sensual mood anytime. Burn to attract a loving, connected sexual energy. Smells sweet with a spicy floral kick.


The Charcoal Tabs are made by Starlight/


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Loose Incense Gift Set

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