The Herbal Healing Deck is perfect for plant-lovers because it merges the physiological benefits and botanical qualities of the plants with their healing abilities beyond the physical. It's one of my favorites when looking for guidance in emotional healing, as each card illuminates a different aspect of the soul, what pain may have occurred and how to remedy it. In your reading you'll meet the plant spirits and explore their connections to your personal healing journey. Each card features a stunning, visionary depiction of a medicinal plant that will speak to you on a symbolic level to convey the true, archetypal essence of the plant. Each card is truely illuminating as it explores the various levels with us.


With this deck, you can order a 1 or 4 card reading. The more cards, the longer the story. One card can do the trick if you need quick, direct answers, the four card layout gives you a multi-layered approach to your question. It starts at your unconscious motivations, moving to where you're growing most, peaking at your strongest expressions, and ending with your current overarching themes. 


When you order a reading, I'll read your specific request in the custom text field- if I need more information I'll reach out to you through email. Within 3 business days of your order, I’ll email you a PDF with a picture of your reading, an outline of what cards are in what position, and explain the story they tell me. I don’t write the meaning of every card, but I tell you how they come together and what that means to me regarding your question.


Keep in mind that sometimes the cards tell us things we don’t want to hear. It’s very easy to misinterpret the reading or look for the answers we want if we aren’t open to the whole truth of the matter. I believe spirit is guiding us according to our greatest good and sometimes we are blind to it in the moment. If we can keep an open mind, we get the answers we need to know, rather than looking for what we want to hear. Card reading is a wonderful tool for insights and I strive to help people get the most they can from it! 

Herbal Healing Deck Oracle Reading

  • The oracle readings I provide do not predict the future- your path is always in your hands. Do not make descisions based solely on the results of your reading, and always consult professional medical help when necessary. Legally, I must say these readings are for entertainment purposes only. Ritual Elements and Nique Richards do not accept any responsibility for the customer's actions as a result of this reading. By making this purchase, the customer acknowledges this and waives all rights of legal responsibility of Ritual Elements and Nique Richards. 

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