Hand blended loose incense to attract money and luck, encourage action and confidence, and increase determination. Utilizes herbs and resins that have a fire energy and tunes into the vibration of Mars. Burn to promote success in business and gambling and to add some gusto to your magical workings. Smells warm, sweet and spicy.


The selection of the seven ingredients in this incense are inspired by the Emperor card of the tarot deck. The Emperor is the “4” trump card of the deck which symbolizes stability. The Emperor has wisdom and confidence backed by years of experience, and has reached high levels of prosperity. He is determined, a warrior when necessary, though he is so self-assured there is no contest- success is eminent. Has herbs and resins that are said to attract money, increase luck, bring in business, or add passion and fire to the atmosphere. Perfect for using during money drawing rituals, before gambling or games of chance, before a court case, or anytime you want to encourage action and success.


I blend the following herbs and resins in powder form so they burn evenly and create a uniform aroma. Each one is selected firstly for its magical properties, then of course to produce a beautiful fragrance when burned.


Allspice (Energy: Male/ Element: Fire/ Planet: Mars)

It said to add determination and energy to any spells and charms.


Basil (Energy: Male/ Element: Fire/ Planet: Mars)

Has a the reputation to help concentration, assertiveness, decisiveness, trust, integrity, enthusiasm, mental clarity, cheerfulness, confidence and courage.


Benzoin (Energy: Male/ Element: Air/ Planet: Sun)

The air energy of this resin is said to aids in communication and thought processes. Adds power to other ingredients.


Cinnamon (Energy: Male/ Element: Fire/ Planet: Mars)

Burned for protection and to attract money, wealth, prosperity, business success,


Dragons Blood (Energy: Male/ Element: Fire/ Planet: Mars)

Very masculine resin. Encourages protection and prosperity.


Frankincense (Energy: Male/ Element: Fire/ Planet: Sun)

Versatile and ancient incense. Associated with the Sun, helps with issues regarding self-will, self-control, or the ego. Burned to dispel negativity, protect against evil, exorcism, courage, protection, and attract good luck. Represents the ability of the divine to move into manifestation.


Orange (Energy: Male/ Element: Fire/ Planet: Sun)

Traditional symbol of abundance. Often burned for luck and money.

Put a pinch of incense powder on a hot coal and watch the smoke float into the air. Allow the relaxing aroma to fill your lungs and your sacred space as it purifies your space and creates a peaceful atmosphere. 

You can choose between 10 ml or 30 ml glass vial, or a 3 oz hinged jar packed with pure powdered herbs and resins.


If you need to purchase charcoal tabs for your incense, we can add them to your order! Click below and add them to you cart:

EMPEROR Loose Incense

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