These beautiful spell bottles act as your personal talisman to help fortify your purpose and help you achieve your dreams. To make each bottle balanced and powerfully communicate with the divine, I use representations of each of the elemental energies, being earth, fire, air, water, wood and metal. It comes attached to waxed hemp cord; you can wear it, hang it over the door, or keep it anywhere you want to help you reach your goals!


Each bottle comes with a list of the components and their meaning in the charm. You have an option of purchasing a simple ritual kit to declare your purpose to the divine and charge your charm bottle with your powerful energy, which includes a chime candle with holder, a 1 gram baggie of incense and one incense coal. 

If you choose the custom option, please leave a note or send me a message describing you situation and the purpose behind your charm bottle. I will choose the right components for you and craft your personal talisman just for you!

Here are the natural energies I can utilizing in creating your charm bottle:

To represent fire, we use Lava Rock. It was once molten hot, but cooled as it became one with the Earth. It comes from raw energy and contains fire within, making it a stone of strength and courage. This energy is tempered by its connection to the earth, having been created and expelled from it’s depths. It keeps one motivated and energetic while grounding you with stable perspective. 

To represent air, we use feathers naturally molted from the body of a parrot. With the ability to travel through the skies, the feathers will help carry your message to the divine. Gathered in a cruelty free manner, the animal energy adds power to your charm and helps activate the other ingredients with life force. The white/yellow color speaks to the air vibration, further enhancing the air energy of this elemental representation.

To represent water, we use pearl and/or coral pieces. Pearl has a feminine energy and relates to the moon, while coral has a masculine energy and relates to Mars. We may use one or both in your charm, depending on its purpose. Both have a water vibration, lending this elemental energy to your charm bottle. 

To represent metal, I used Copper. Metal is a conductor and facilitates energy, and in magic is tied to manifesting our conscious wishes. Copper is a premium transmitter of energy, both electrical and spiritual, and is able to conduct spiritual energy back and forth between individuals, crystals, auras, the mind and the spirit world. It is also believed that copper has the power to amplify thoughts when sending and receiving psychic communications, making it perfect for charm bottles and spell work! 

To represent wood, we can choose between Cedar or Willow. The wood element represents growth and creativity. Wood fosters personal growth and increases intuition. Cedar has a masculine energy and represents the sun. Willow is feminine, represents the moon and relates to water and air. One of these woods will be used in your charm bottle to add it's strength and support to you purpose.

In addition to these elements, we add gemstone chips and plants that work for your purpose. These represent earth, and specifically direct the energy of your charm. I add up to five of each gemstone and herbs to create the energy for your spell, depending on what you're looking for. 

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Charm Bottle Pendant- Custom Spell

  • Please be aware that this product is completely natural, but if you feel any irritation when using it, discontinue its use. Do to it’s organic nature, product may vary from batch to batch while maintaining the integrity of same ingredients.

    As per Government requirements FDA (Federal Drug Administration), we are required to state that all items sold at Ritual Elements are sold as curios only, offered solely for entertainment purposes and are not guaranteed to provide any specific abilities or results. We cannot guarantee that Ritual Elements products will provide you with your desired outcome. Ritual Elements sets the tone for your intent which makes your product completely yours. Only you have the power to manifest your wishes! Our product offerings are intended for decoration purposes and are intended for use as aids for those who participate in spiritual and ritual work only. All purchases and use are the responsibility of the buyer. We take no responsibility for use or misuse of our items and buyer assumes all responsibility for items once purchased.

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