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Cleanse your home with this powerful house cleansing ritual

Updated: May 5, 2019

Sometimes your home just feels... icky. And not because of some spill that dried up on the floor or that you need to dust your knick-knacks- because the energy is off. Maybe there was big fight recently, some unseen spiritual nastiness lurking, or simply a weird vibe you can't quite explain. All you know is you gotta shift that energy! This is the ritual for you. It is an in-depth cleansing that gets your home purified and protected from top to bottom, ushering out the bad stuff and calling in the good. Perfect anytime you feel the need, but especially when you're selling your home, have bought a new one, or are looking to get a fresh start.

Try this ritual to welcome the new moon and get the cycle started on the right foot. A few days before the new moon, when the moon inching towards total darkness, is when we are naturally shedding what we don't need. Called the balsamic phase, it is the ideal time to purify your space and free yourself of unnecessary ties to make room for fresh energy. Doing the ritual at this time every month will keep your space pure and negative influences at bay, allowing you to make the most of the new phase.

What you’ll need

* A cleansing smudge, like white sage, cedar, or rosemary. We offer our handcrafted Cleansing Incense, a powdered incense blend for burning on charcoals that clears negative energy.

* Coarse sea salt or black salt, to absorb and protect from negativity. Salt acts as an energetic barrier, and black salt is powerfully absorptive to help draw out and prevent bad vibes. You’ll need at least 2-3 oz of salt for this ritual.

* Four Thieves Vinegar, used since medieval times to protect from negativity and disease.

* Smoky Quartz or Black Tourmaline Crystal, excellent at transmuting negativity to positive vibrations, centering and grounding.

* A blessing smudge, like palo santo, frankincense or sweet grass. We offer our hand crafted Peace Incense, used for inviting positivity, lifting the vibrations and blessing a space with love.

* A lighter or matches to burner your incense


* Two charcoal tablets if you’re using burning incense powders/ loose incense.

* A mop so you can perform a floor washing, and a spray bottle you’ll use make a surface cleanser.

* Some sort of container for your incense, since you’ll be walking around you house with it. If you’re using smudges, you can use an abalone shell or bowl to catch the ash as it falls. If you’re using charcoal for loose incense, you’ll need a charcoal incense burner, which you can carry in a bowl or pot with a handle.

We offer a kit that contains everything you need! Click on the image to check it out

To prepare for your Home Clearing + Blessing Ritual

  • Take a shower or salt bath to cleanse yourself of negativity and worries. You can add a sprinkle of the black salt to you bath if you are so inclined, but it may leave a ring in your tub. As you bathe, push any negativity out of you body and let the water carry it away from you to go down the drain.

  • Dress so you are comfortable and feel good- no tight, binding clothes to distract you.

  • Cleanse your crystal to remove any old energy, and charge it so it can perform at it’s full potential. This can be done by rinsing it under running water, wafting it through the smoke of your cleansing smudge, or letting it sit in salt. Charge it in the sunlight or moonlight.

Begin your Home Clearing + Blessing Ritual

  1. Before you begin, center yourself and set your intention for the ritual. You can meditate or simply take a few deep breaths. Focus on your goal and picture your desired outcome. Ask your spirit guides to help you eliminate all negativity in your home.

  2. If you’re using loose incense, now is the time to light your coal over an open flame. It will begin to spark all over, be careful!! Put it on a fire proof dish or incense burner. It helps to put a layer of sand or salt under the coal to keep the dish from getting so hot. You will need to carry this incense burner around your home, so choose a vessel that will facilitate this. You can just put your incense dish in a cooking pot with a handle- whatever makes it easy and safe for you to carry! Let your incense coal get nice and hot as you go through the next couple steps.

  3. Grab your smoky quartz crystal and carry it with you as for the rest of the ritual. This will help to keep you grounded and prevent any negativity from attaching to you as you preform the ritual.

  4. Now is the time to distribute the salt around your home. Sprinkle a pinch of salt across all the doors, windows, in front of the fireplace- any opening to your home. You can also sprinkle it on the floor in any space that feels heavy. Just a sprinkle will do, but follow your intuition- if you feel that you need a lot you can use a lot! If using black salt, be cautious as it can leave dark spots on porous surfaces. Don’t get it on cloth or carpet, and test it on other surfaces if you’re unsure. As you do this step, visualize the salt absorbing all the negative energy. For extra power, say “This salt absorbs any and all negativity in this home. Brightest blessings to all and do harm to none.”

  5. Now that you’ve distributed the salt, You’re ready to do your cleansing smudge. The smoke will float to every corner of your home to remove all the negative vibes. Light the end of your smudge or put a good pinch of your Cleansing Incense powder on the incense coal, and waft the smoke around you. Visualize the smoke to carrying away any negativity that is attached to you. Open some doors and windows to allow the smoke to exit your home and carry the bad vibes out with it! Now walk around you home counter-clockwise, bottom to top story. This action helps to loosen and unwind the energy. Reapply the incense powder as necessary to maintain a good amount of smoke. As the smoke rises and disappears, visualize it attaching to all the negative energy and neutralizing it as it becomes one with the air element. Waft the smoke into all the corners of each room and in any space that feels heavy; closets, cupboards, inside your shower. Don’t forget your basement or attic! You can also use this smoke to cleanse any objects that you feel are carrying negativity. As you do this, say “This smoke eliminates all negativity from this home. Brightest blessings to all and do harm to none.” Feel confident as you say this so you project authoritative energy- this is your home and you are in charge of what energy is present.

  6. Now, it’s time to clean up the salt you distributed around your home. It’s had the time to absorb negativity, so you need to dispose of it. Sweep it all up and put it into a bag that you will immediately remove it from your house. The best way to dispose of it is to return it to the elements; put it in a body of running water (down the drain with plenty of running water will work), or sprinkle it onto the dirt or grass outside of your property.

  7. The next step is to cleanse and protect the surfaces of your home with the Four Thieves vinegar. There are a few different ways to use it, you can choose one or all depending what you feel needs to be done. Create a solution of the four thieves and water to clean with; put a few dropperfuls into a quarter cup of water in a small bowl, and use a cloth saturated with this solution to wipe down everything. You can also mix some Four Thieves with 1/2 water 1/2 white vinegar in a spray bottle to use as a surface cleaner if you have a spray bottle handy. (This is what I always use as my everyday cleaning spray- I love working a little magic into my everyday chores). You can also add some of the Four Thieves to your mop water and clean your floors, while again proclaiming your intention of banishing bad vibes. A floorwash is an ancient method of folk magic to shift the vibration in your home. Immediately throw out or wash the cloths you used with the Four Thieves to fully eliminate the negative energy. The Four Thieves has a pungent aroma that is powerful energetically, but not so pleasant- a little goes a long way! Be sure to clean all the doors and windows with the intention of eliminating negative energy and banishing it from your home. Since these are the entry points to your space, it is particularly important to treat these areas. You can mark these areas with an “X” after you wipe them down as a sign that bad energy may not enter.

  8. It’s time to freshen the aroma and raise the vibration of your home using your blessing smudge. You can use this in the same manner as the cleansing smudge, but this time going in the clockwise motion top to bottom around your home. This action helps to ground and anchor the positive energy. Waft the smoke so it throughly covers your space, thanking your spirit guides for joining you in blessing your home. When you are done, cleanse and charge your smoky quartz crystal again and place it by your front door to lend it’s protective vibration to your home.

  9. Now that your home is clear and filled only with positivity, you can take the optional step of creating a barrier around the perimeter of your property to keep bad energy away. Sprinkle more salt outside of your home around the edges of your yard. If your lot is very large just make a circle around the outside of your house. As you create a line on the ground surrounding your home, proclaim “No negativity may cross this barrier, this house is a sacred space and no bad energy may enter.” This step is not necessary, but very helpful if you feel that there are forces beyond your control influencing the energy of your home.

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