Ritual Elements is inspired by helping people manifest their desires through Earth's energies.

Mother Earth has granted us so many gifts, each with its own inherent energy. We honor her by recognizing this power she's provided us. Our handmade tools are created to help you tune into your strength through the spirit of her gifts. 

In all of the products, each component is selected with energetic intention, and work in harmony at every level. There are no fillers, and nothing unnatural in anything crafted for the shop.

The purity and intention of our handmade tools clearly communicate with the Divine. When you use them, you charge them with your focus as they empower you to manifest what you want. Channel Earth's energies,

manifest your desires!

Card readings allow the spirit realms to communicate with you directly. Each deck has a unique message, and many of our decks are inspired by the Earth. When you need guidance in the best way to manifest your goals, the cards can lead you in the right direction.

Some info about Nique, the woman who makes these tools.

  • Began Ritual Elements in 2017 on Etsy, and it has grown to be offered in local shops and metaphysical festivals all the way to massive online retailers like Uncommon Goods 

  • Naturally intuitive and empathic with almost 20 years experience with card reading

  • Certified in Crystal Healing and Magical Aromatherapy by the Academy of Ancient Magik.

  • Certified tarot life coach, meaning she's been trained in how to use card reading to help you align with your best self, and can create an action plan to help you reach your goals.

  • She's a Summa Cum Laude graduate from the University of Arizona

  • She lives in Austin, TX, a mother of two beautiful children and the wife of  fellow entrepreneur. 

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